Alexander Singer

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Né le 18 avril 1928 (93 ans) • New York, État de New York (États-Unis)

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Réalisation / Long-métrages

Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
1971 Captain Apache89
Moyenne de tous ses films13

Réalisation de séries

The Fugitive (1963) (Le fugitif)
2x20 Scapegoat02/02/1965
2x22 Moon Child16/02/1965
2x24 Everybody Gets Hit in the Mouth Sometime09/03/1965
2x27 Runner in the Dark30/03/1965
2x29 The Old Man Picked a Lemon13/04/1965
3x02 Middle of a Heat Wave21/09/1965
3x04 Trial by Fire05/10/1965
3x13 The Good Guys and the Bad Guys14/12/1965
3x16 Not With a Whimper04/01/1966
Lost in Space (1965) (Perdus dans l'espace (1965))
1x02 The Derelict22/09/1965
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (Des agents très spéciaux)
3x14 The My Friend, the Gorilla Affair16/12/1966
Mission: Impossible (1966)
2x09 The Seal05/11/1967
3x01 The Heir Apparent29/09/1968
3x05 The Execution10/11/1968
3x11 The Freeze23/12/1968
3x12 The Exchange04/01/1969
1x10 Coffin for a Clown25/11/1967
Alias Smith and Jones (Opération danger)
2x02 How to Rob a Bank in One Hard Lesson23/09/1971
2x13 Everything Else You Can Steal16/12/1971
2x16 The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone!13/01/1972
2x19 The Biggest Game in the West03/02/1972
3x01 The Long Chase16/09/1972
3x02 High Lonesome Country23/09/1972
3x03 The McCreedy Feud30/09/1972
3x10 McGuffin09/12/1972
Assignment Vienna (L'Homme de Vienne)
1x05 There Was An Old Woman13/01/1973
1x07 So Long, Charlie03/02/1973
Police Woman (Sergent Anderson)
1x08 Flowers of Evil08/11/1974
1x18 Nothing Left to Lose14/02/1975
2x06 Cold Wind17/10/1975
2x07 Above and Beyond31/10/1975
3x19 The Killer Cowboys08/02/1977
Logan's Run (L'Âge de cristal)
1x02 The Collectors23/09/1977
Lou Grant
1x05 Nazi18/10/1977
1x10 Psychout22/11/1977
1x18 Sect06/02/1978
2x03 Hooker16/10/1978
2x06 Dying06/11/1978
2x10 Babies11/12/1978
2x14 Vet15/01/1979
2x19 Home26/02/1979
2x21 Marathon19/03/1979
3x03 Slammer01/10/1979
3x07 Gambling05/11/1979
3x13 Kids24/12/1979
3x18 Censored04/02/1980
4x05 Goop24/11/1980
4x09 Rape12/01/1981
4x10 Boomerang19/01/1981
5x01 Wedding02/11/1981
5x03 Reckless16/11/1981
5x13 Immigrants15/02/1982
Quincy, M.E. (Quincy)
3x10 Touch of Death02/12/1977
The Rockford Files (200 dollars plus les frais)
4x11 Forced Retirement09/12/1977
Wonder Woman
2x17 I.R.A.C. Is Missing17/02/1978
Dallas (1978)
3x15 Love and Marriage28/12/1979
3x24 The Wheeler Dealer14/03/1980
8x26 Terms of Estrangement12/04/1985
Knots Landing (Côte Ouest)
2x11 A State of Mind05/02/1981
2x16 More Than Friends19/03/1981
3x17 Letting Go01/04/1982
3x19 Night15/04/1982
4x03 Encounters14/10/1982
4x05 Catharsis28/10/1982
4x19 The Loss of Innocence17/02/1983
4x21 The Burden of Proof03/03/1983
5x14 Secrets Cry Aloud29/12/1983
5x19 So Shall You Reap09/02/1984
6x01 Buying Time04/10/1984
6x03 Hanging Fire25/10/1984
6x30 The Long and Winding Road23/05/1985
7x13 Aftershocks26/12/1985
Remington Steele (Les Enquêtes de Remington Steele)
2x04 Altared Steele11/10/1983
4x03 Steele Blushing22/10/1985
Hill Street Blues (Capitaine Furillo)
4x03 The Long Arm of the Law27/10/1983
4x15 The Other Side of Oneness09/02/1984
6x04 In the Belly of the Bus24/10/1985
MacGyver (1985)
1x09 The Prodigal08/12/1985
1x12 Deathlock22/01/1986
2x05 Final Approach27/10/1986
2x12 Family Matter12/01/1987
The Bronx Zoo
1x05 The Moral Equation16/04/1987
Friday the 13th: The Series (Vendredi 13)
1x14 Bedazzled27/02/1988
Hunter (1984) (Rick Hunter)
5x01 Heir of Neglect29/10/1988
5x05 Presumed Guilty26/11/1988
5x08 Payback17/12/1988
In the Heat of the Night (Dans la chaleur de la nuit)
2x15 The Creek14/03/1989
2x20 Ladybug, Ladybug02/05/1989
2x22 Missing16/05/1989
Jake and the Fatman (La loi est la loi)
3x03 Easy to Love04/10/1989
4x15 I'm Gonna Live Till I Die13/02/1991
4x24 Nevertheless08/05/1991
5x09 Last Dance01/01/1992
5x11 Since I Fell for You15/01/1992
Murder, She Wrote (Arabesque)
8x11 Danse Diabolique05/01/1992
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Star Trek : La nouvelle génération)
6x04 Relics12/10/1992
6x12 Ship in a Bottle25/01/1993
6x26 Descent, Part I21/06/1993
7x01 Descent (2)20/09/1993
7x05 Gambit (2)18/10/1993
7x13 Homeward17/01/1994
Walker, Texas Ranger
1x03 A Shadow In the Night01/05/1993
3x05 Till Death Do Us Part22/10/1994
3x10 Payback10/12/1994
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
2x09 Second Sight21/11/1993
3x14 Heart of Stone12/02/1995
3x18 Distant Voices16/04/1995
3x26 The Adversary25/06/1995
4x07 Starship Down06/11/1995
4x08 Little Green Men13/11/1995
4x19 Hard Time15/04/1996
2x05 A Man's Reach26/04/1995
Star Trek: Voyager
2x09 Tattoo06/11/1995
2x15 Threshold29/01/1996
3x04 The Swarm25/09/1996
3x12 Macrocosm11/12/1996
3x18 The Darkling19/02/1997
3x25 Worst Case Scenario14/05/1997
4x04 Nemesis24/09/1997
4x10 Random Thoughts19/11/1997
4x13 Waking Moments14/01/1998