Alethea Jones

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Année Film Durée (min) Moyenne / Nombre de votes
2017 Fun Mom Dinner81
Moyenne de tous ses films10.69

Réalisation de séries

Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street (Normal Street)
1x06 Ranger and the Legend of Pendragon's Gavel21/11/2014
2x07 Gortimer vs. The Friendship Bro-celet30/10/2015
2x09 Stanley and the Tattoo of Tall Tales30/10/2015
2x14 Gortimer and the Jacks of All Trades15/07/2016
2x15 Ranger vs. the Laser Frog of Fat15/07/2016
Wrecked (Wrecked : Les Rescapés)
3x06 Hunt Day11/09/2018
3x07 Ballers18/09/2018
Queen America
1x01 Sequins and Fritos18/11/2018
1x02 Ms. Claremore18/11/2018
1x03 Social Awareness18/11/2018
1x04 Texas25/11/2018
1x05 Psychological Warfare02/12/2018
1x06 Juvenile Diabetes09/12/2018
1x07 The National Anthem16/12/2018
1x08 Help Me, I'm Sick23/12/2018
1x09 Americana30/12/2018
1x10 Promises, Promises06/01/2019
1x07 F*** Buddy15/11/2019
1x08 Mama Bear15/11/2019
2x08 Homecoming Queen11/02/2022
2x10 Birthday Girl11/02/2022
Dispatches from Elsewhere (Les Envoyés d'Ailleurs)
1x05 Clara23/03/2020
Made for Love
1x02 I Want a Divorce01/04/2021
1x03 I Want This Thing Out of My Head01/04/2021
2x04 E Is for Elevator11/07/2021
2x13 C Is for Cannibal10/10/2021
Shining Vale
1x02 Chapter Two - She Comes at Night06/03/2022
1x05 Chapter Five - The Squirrel Knew27/03/2022
1x06 Chapter Six - Whispering Hope03/04/2022
Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies
1x01 We're Gonna Rule the School06/04/2023
1x02 Too Pure to Be Pink06/04/2023
1x07 Cruisin' For Bruisin'11/05/2023
Mrs. Davis
1x03 A Baby With Wings, a Sad Boy With Wings and a Great Helmet20/04/2023
1x04 Beautiful Things That Come with Madness20/04/2023
1x06 Allison Treasures: A Southern California Story04/05/2023