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2023 Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Toujours en cours

Réalisation de séries

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)
5x02 Jake the Dog (3)12/11/2012
5x10 Little Dude04/02/2013
5x12 Vault of Bones25/02/2013
5x14 Simon and Marcy25/03/2013
5x18 Princess Potluck22/04/2013
5x19 James Baxter the Horse06/05/2013
5x43 Root Beer Guy02/12/2013
5x48 Betty24/02/2014
5x49 Bad Timing03/03/2014
5x52 Billy's Bucket List (1)17/03/2014
6x01 Wake Up (2)21/04/2014
6x02 Escape From the Citadel (3)21/04/2014
6x05 Sad Face12/05/2014
6x09 The Prince Who Wanted Everything26/06/2014
6x29 Dark Purple19/02/2015
6x36 Hoots14/05/2015
7x03 Cherry Cream Soda04/11/2015
7x10 Stakes Part 5: May I Come In?18/11/2015
7x21 A King's Ransom15/01/2016
7x26 The Thin Yellow Line19/03/2016
9x10 Abstract17/07/2017

Scénariste de séries

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (Adventure Time)
1x01 Slumber Party Panic05/04/2010
1x02 Trouble in Lumpy Space05/04/2010
1x03 Prisoners of Love12/04/2010
1x05 The Enchiridion!19/04/2010
1x11 Wizard10/05/2010
1x14 The Witch's Garden07/06/2010
1x18 Dungeon12/07/2010
1x19 The Duke19/07/2010
1x21 Donny09/08/2010
1x24 What Have You Done?13/09/2010
1x25 His Hero20/09/2010
2x01 It Came from the Nightosphere11/10/2010
2x07 Power Animal22/11/2010
2x11 The Chamber of Frozen Blades17/01/2011
2x15 The Real You14/02/2011
2x18 Susan Strong07/03/2011
2x24 This Mortal Folly02/05/2011
3x02 Morituri Te Salutamus18/07/2011
3x09 Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake05/09/2011
3x10 What Was Missing26/09/2011
3x14 Beautopia07/11/2011
3x16 Jake vs. Me-Mow21/11/2011
3x24 Ghost Princess30/01/2012
3x25 Dad's Dungeon06/02/2012
3x26 Incendium13/02/2012
5x14 Simon and Marcy25/03/2013
6x09 The Prince Who Wanted Everything26/06/2014
6x11 Little Brother10/07/2014
6x29 Dark Purple19/02/2015
7x02 Varmints03/11/2015
7x07 Stakes Part 2: Everything Stays16/11/2015
0x07 Frog Seasons, Summer09/04/2016
0x09 Frog Seasons, Winter23/04/2016
7x37 Daddy-Daughter Card Wars07/07/2016
8x14 Islands Part 8: The Light Cloud02/02/2017
9x01 Orb21/04/2017
10x07 Marcy & Hunson17/12/2017