Adam Barr

États-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Scénariste de séries

Parker Lewis Can't Lose (Parker Lewis ne perd jamais)
1x07 Love's a Beast14/10/1990
1x21 Jerry's First Date24/03/1991
1x25 My Fair Shelly12/05/1991
2x01 Father Knows Less11/08/1991
2x07 Fat Boy and Little Man29/09/1991
2x14 Tower of Power15/12/1991
2x17 Civil Wars19/01/1992
2x22 Geek Tragedy12/04/1992
2x25 Diner '7517/05/1992
3x06 Jerry's Journey20/08/1992
3x07 Beauty and the Kube06/09/1992
Dinosaurs (Dinosaures)
3x06 Germ Warfare06/11/1992
Weird Science (Code Lisa)
1x02 Universal Remote12/03/1994
1x03 Cyrano DeBrainiac19/03/1994
1x08 One Size Fits All30/04/1994
1x13 Sex Ed04/06/1994
2x03 The Most Dangerous Wish20/08/1994
2x10 Camp Wannabe15/10/1994
3x02 Horseradish15/04/1995
3x07 Hot Wheels27/05/1995
3x16 Dead Can Dance05/08/1995
4x04 Chett-A-Nator27/01/1996
4x24 Pirates!13/07/1996
Will & Grace
1x12 My Fair Maid-y02/02/1999
1x22 Object of My Rejection13/05/1999
2x02 Election28/09/1999
2x12 He's Come Undone08/02/2000
2x17 The Hospital Show28/03/2000
3x02 Fear & Clothing19/10/2000
3x11 Coffee & Commitment04/01/2001
3x18 Mad Dogs & Average Men15/03/2001
4x03 Crouching Father, Hidden Husband11/10/2001
4x13 Whoa, Nelly10/01/2002
4x18 Something Borrowed, Someone's Due (2)07/03/2002
4x27 A.I.: Artificial Insemination (2)16/05/2002
4x26 A.I.: Artificial Insemination (1)16/05/2002
5x01 ...And the Horse He Rode in On26/09/2002
5x11 All About Christmas Eve12/12/2002
5x23 2308/05/2003
6x01 Dames at Sea25/09/2003
6x15 Flip-Flop (1)26/02/2004
6x21 I Never Cheered for My Father08/04/2004
Baby Blues (Bébé Blues)
2x04 A Baby Blues Christmas Special (a.k.a. The Christmas)24/02/2002
Desperate Housewives
1x22 Goodbye for Now15/05/2005
The New Adventures of Old Christine (Old Christine)
1x03 Open Water20/03/2006
1x04 One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus27/03/2006
1x10 No Fault Divorce08/05/2006
1x13 A Fair to Remember22/05/2006
2x02 The Answer is Maybe25/09/2006
2x06 The Champ23/10/2006
2x10 What About Barb?27/11/2006
2x11 Crash11/12/2006
2x19 Faith Off16/04/2007
2x22 Frasier07/05/2007
Kath & Kim (US)
1x12 Idols05/02/2009
1x06 Charity Case02/11/2011
1x13 Sex and the Suburbs08/02/2012
1x11 The Demotion10/06/2018