Mademoiselle Crésus

Over the Moon

Un film de États-Unis Thornton Freeland
Ecrit par Angleterre Anthony Pelissier et Australie Alec Coppel
Avec Royaume-Uni Merle Oberon et Angleterre Rex Harrison


Date de sortie

12 octobre 1939
Plus d'infos


Jane Benson just about manages to make ends meet running the large family house in Yorkshire. In love with local doctor Freddie Jarvis, she suggests they marry, but almost at once finds she has inherited eighteen million pounds. He makes it clear he wants nothing to do with the money and what it can buy, and Jane sets off alone on a spree pursued by two ardent suitors. Freddie finds he has gained notoriety for turning down such a catch and his plans for ernest research are soon compromised.

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