Wendy and Me (1964-1965)

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La série suit la vie du propriétaire d'un immeuble et d'une de ses locataires.

Genre(s) : Comédie | Durée des épisodes : 22 min | Statut : Terminée depuis 1965


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Saison 1

Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01Molehills to Mountains14/09/1964
1x02Wendy's Anniversary for ..?21/09/1964
1x03Swing Low, Aunt Harriet28/09/1964
1x04Wendy's Secret Wedding05/10/1964
1x05George Burns While Rome Fiddles12/10/1964
1x06Jeff, the Senior Citizen19/10/1964
1x07It Takes Two to Tangle26/10/1964
1x08Wendy's Private Eye02/11/1964
1x09Room at the Bottom09/11/1964
1x10Danny, the Married Bachelor16/11/1964
1x11Wendy, the Waitress23/11/1964
1x12Belle of the Malt Shop30/11/1964
1x13East is East, and West is Wendy07/12/1964
1x14Four of a Kind14/12/1964
1x15Wendy, the Woman in the Grey Flannel Suit21/12/1964
1x16Five Minutes to Show Time28/12/1964
1x17A Bouquet for Mr. Bundy11/01/1965
1x18The Wendy Mob18/01/1965
1x19Who's in the Guest Room Tonight?25/01/1965
1x20Wendy Sails in the Sunset01/02/1965
1x21Tea Leaves for Two08/02/1965
1x22Happiness is a Thing Called Misery15/02/1965
1x23Jeff Takes a Turn for the Nurse22/02/1965
1x24How Not to Succeed in Stealing01/03/1965
1x25Wendy Gives Uncle the Brush08/03/1965
1x26Wendy is Stranger Than Fiction22/03/1965
1x27Let's Go Where the Wild Geisha Goes29/03/1965
1x28You Can Fight City Hall05/04/1965
1x29Wendy Lends a Helping Voice12/04/1965
1x30Wendy's Instant Intellect19/04/1965
1x31Danny's Double Life26/04/1965
1x32Wendy's Five Thousand Dollar Chair10/05/1965
1x33Call Me or I'll Call You17/05/1965
1x34Tacos, Enchiladas, and Wendy24/05/1965

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