The Young Lawyers

1970-1971 Terminée

The Young Lawyers

Etats-Unis Une série créée par N-C
Avec Robert F. Lyons, Jess Walton, Janet Margolin et Gary Lockwood

52 min


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Aaron Silverman est un jeune idéaliste étudiant en droit à Boston qui rejoint un groupe qui vient en aide aux plus pauvres.


Toutes les saisons
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01Is There a Good Samaritan in the House?21/09/1970 0
1x03A Simple Thing Called Justice28/09/1970 0
1x04The Two Dollar Thing05/10/1970 0
1x05The Alienation Kick12/10/1970 0
1x06Where's Aaron?19/10/1970 0
1x07We May Be Better Strangers26/10/1970 0
1x08The Glass Prison02/11/1970 0
1x09The Russell Incident09/11/1970 0
1x10At the Edge of the Night16/11/1970 0
1x11Are You Running with Me, Jimmy?23/11/1970 0
1x12A Busload of Bishops30/11/1970 0
1x13The Legacy of Miles Turner07/12/1970 0
1x14Remember Chris Gately?14/12/1970 0
1x15MacGillicuddy Always Was a Pain in the Neck21/12/1970 0
1x16False Witness04/01/1971 0
1x17Legal Maneuver20/01/1971 0
1x18The Outspoken Silence03/02/1971 0
1x19The Victims10/02/1971 0
1x20The Bradbury War17/02/1971 0
1x21And the Walls Came Tumbling Down24/02/1971 0
1x22Down at the House of Truth, Visiting03/03/1971 0
1x23The Whimper of Whipped Dogs10/03/1971 0
1x24Conrad and the Taxi Squad17/03/1971 0
1x24I've Got a Problem24/03/1971 0

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