The Partridge Family (1970-1974)

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Genre(s) : Comédie | Durée des épisodes : 26 min | Statut : Terminée depuis 1974


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Saison 1

Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01What? And Get Out of Show Business?25/09/1970
1x02The Sound Of Money02/10/1970
1x03Whatever Happened to the Old Songs?09/10/1970
1x04See Here, Private Partridge16/10/1970
1x05When Mother Gets Married23/10/1970
1x06Love at First Slight30/10/1970
1x07Danny and the Mob06/11/1970
1x08But the Memory Lingers On13/11/1970
1x09Did You Hear the One About Danny Partridge?20/11/1970
1x10Go Directly to Jail27/11/1970
1x11This is My Song04/12/1970
1x12My Son, the Feminist11/12/1970
1x13Star Quality18/12/1970
1x14The Red Woodloe Story01/01/1971
1x15Mom Drops Out08/01/1971
1x16Old Scrapmouth15/01/1971
1x17Why Did the Music Stop?22/01/1971
1x18Soul Club29/01/1971
1x19To Play or Not to Play?05/02/1971
1x20They Shoot Managers, Don't They?12/02/1971
1x21Partridge Up a Pair Tree19/02/1971
1x22Road Song26/02/1971
1x23Not With My Sister, You Don't05/03/1971
1x24A Partridge by Any Other Name12/03/1971
1x25A Knight in Shining Armor19/03/1971

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