Naked City (1958-1963)

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Une série créée par Stirling Silliphant | Genre(s) : Drama / Policier | Durée des épisodes : 60 min | Statut : Terminée depuis 1963


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Saison 1

Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x02Nickel Ride07/10/1958
1x03Line of Duty14/10/1958
1x04Sidewalk Fisherman21/10/1958
1x05The Violent Circle28/10/1958
1x07No More Rumbles11/11/1958
1x08Belvedere Tower18/11/1958
1x09The Bird Guard25/11/1958
1x10The Other Face of Goodness02/12/1958
1x11Lady Bug, Lady Bug09/12/1958
1x12Susquehanna 4-759816/12/1958
1x13And a Merry Christmas to the Force on Patrol23/12/1958
1x14The Explosive Heart30/12/1958
1x15The Manhole06/01/1959
1x16Even Crows Sing Good13/01/1959
1x17Burst of Passion20/01/1959
1x18Goodbye, My Lady Love27/01/1959
1x19The Shield03/02/1959
1x20One to Get Lost10/02/1959
1x21Hey, Teach!17/02/1959
1x22Ticker Tape24/02/1959
1x23Fire Island03/03/1959
1x24Ten Cent Dreams10/03/1959
1x25The Bumper17/03/1959
1x26A Running of Bulls24/03/1959
1x27Fallen Star31/03/1959
1x28Beyond the Truth07/04/1959
1x29Baker's Dozen14/04/1959
1x30The Rebirth21/04/1959
1x31Four Sweet Corners28/04/1959
1x32The Sandman05/05/1959
1x33Turn of Events12/05/1959
1x34A Little Piece of the Action19/05/1959
1x35The Bloodhounds26/05/1959
1x36The Scorpion Sting02/06/1959
1x37Saw My Baby There09/06/1959
1x38The Canvas Bullet16/06/1959
1x39A Wood of Thorns23/06/1959

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