The Mod Squad

1968-1973 Terminée

The Mod Squad

Titre FR : La nouvelle équipe

Etats-Unis Une série créée par N-C
Avec Peggy Lipton, Clarence Williams III, Della Reese, Gail Kobe...

52 min


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Adam Greer, capitaine de police à Los Angeles donnent à trois délinquants l'occasion de racheter leurs erreurs : Pete Cochran, originaire d'Harlem, a volé une voiture ; Linc, héritier d'une riche famille d'aristocrates, est arrêté lors des émeutes de Watts et Julie Barnes a fui San Francisco et sa mère prostituée. Tous trois vont former la Mod Squad, une équipe chargée de combattre le crime. (Source:


Toutes les saisons
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01The Teeth of the Barracuda24/09/1968 0
1x02Bad Man on Campus01/10/1968 0
1x03My, What a Pretty Bus08/10/1968 0
1x04When Smitty Comes Marching Home22/10/1968 0
1x05You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer29/10/1968 0
1x06A Time to Love -- A Time to Cry12/11/1968 0
1x07Find Tara Chapman!19/11/1968 0
1x08The Price of Terror26/11/1968 0
1x09A Quiet Weekend in the Country03/12/1968 0
1x10Love10/12/1968 0
1x11Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet17/12/1968 0
1x12The Guru31/12/1968 0
1x13The Sunday Drivers07/01/1969 0
1x14Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie14/01/1969 0
1x15Flight Five Doesn't Answer21/01/1969 0
1x16Shell Game29/01/1969 0
1x17Fear Is the Bucking Horse04/02/1969 0
1x18A Hint of Darkness, A Hint of Light11/02/1969 0
1x19The Uptight Town18/02/1969 0
1x20A Reign of Guns25/02/1969 0
1x21A Run for the Money11/03/1969 0
1x22Child of Sorrow, Child of Light18/03/1969 0
1x23Keep the Faith, Baby25/03/1969 0
1x24Captain Greer, Call Surgery01/04/1969 0
1x25Peace Now -- Arly Blau08/04/1969 0
1x26A Seat by the Window15/04/1969 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
2x01The Girl in Chair Nine23/09/1969 0
2x02My Name Is Manolette30/09/1969 0
2x03An Eye for an Eye07/10/1969 0
2x04Ride the Man Down14/10/1969 0
2x05To Linc -- with Love21/10/1969 0
2x06Lisa04/11/1969 0
2x07Confrontation!11/11/1969 0
2x08Willie Poor Boy18/11/1969 0
2x09The Death of Bill Hannachek25/11/1969 0
2x10A Place to Run, A Heart to Hide In02/12/1969 0
2x11The Healer09/12/1969 0
2x12In This Corner -- Sol Alpert16/12/1969 0
2x13Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break23/12/1969 0
2x14The Debt30/12/1969 0
2x15Sweet Child of Terror06/01/1970 0
2x16The King of Empty Cups20/01/1970 0
2x17A Town Called Sincere27/01/1970 0
2x18The Exile03/02/1970 0
2x19Survival House10/02/1970 0
2x20Mother of Sorrow17/02/1970 0
2x21The Deadly Sin24/02/1970 0
2x22A Time for Remembering03/03/1970 0
2x23Return to Darkness, Return to Light17/03/1970 0
2x24Call Back Yesterday24/03/1970 0
2x25Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot!31/03/1970 0
2x26The Loser07/04/1970 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
3x01Long Road Home22/09/1970 0
3x02See the Eagles Dying29/09/1970 0
3x03Who Are the Keepers, Who Are the Inmates?06/10/1970 0
3x04'A' Is for Annie13/10/1970 0
3x05The Song of Willie20/10/1970 0
3x06Search And Destroy27/10/1970 0
3x07Just Ring the Bell Once03/11/1970 0
3x08Welcome to the Human Race, Levi Frazee!10/11/1970 0
3x09A Far Away Place So Near17/11/1970 0
3x10A Time of Hyacinths01/12/1970 0
3x11The Judas Trap08/12/1970 0
3x12Fever15/12/1970 0
3x13Is There Anyone Left Is Santa Paula?29/12/1970 0
3x14A Short Course in War05/01/1971 0
3x15Kicks Incorporated12/01/1971 0
3x16A Bummer for R.J.19/01/1971 0
3x17The Hot, Hot Car26/01/1971 0
3x18Suffer, Little Children09/02/1971 0
3x19Is That Justice? No, It's Law16/02/1971 0
3x20A Double for Danger23/02/1971 0
3x21Welcome to Our City02/03/1971 0
3x22The Comeback09/03/1971 0
3x23We Spy16/03/1971 0
3x24The Price of Love23/03/1971 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
4x01The Sentinels14/09/1971 0
4x02Cricket21/09/1971 0
4x03Home Is the Streets28/09/1971 0
4x04Survival05/10/1971 0
4x05Color of Laughter, Color of Tears12/10/1971 0
4x06The Medicine Men19/10/1971 0
4x07The Sands of Anger26/10/1971 0
4x08The Poisoned Mind02/11/1971 0
4x09Exit the Closer09/11/1971 0
4x10Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes?16/11/1971 0
4x11And a Little Child Shall Bleed Them23/11/1971 0
4x12Real Loser30/11/1971 0
4x13Death of a Nobody07/12/1971 0
4x14Feet of Clay14/12/1971 0
4x15I Am My Brother's Keeper04/01/1972 0
4x16Deal with the Devil11/01/1972 0
4x17Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie18/01/1972 0
4x18Shockwave25/01/1972 0
4x19No More Oak Leaves for Ernie Holland01/02/1972 0
4x20The Cave08/02/1972 0
4x21The Wild Weekend15/02/1972 0
4x22The Tangled Web22/02/1972 0
4x23Outside Position29/02/1972 0
4x24Big George07/03/1972 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
5x01The Connection (1)14/09/1972 0
5x02The Connection (2)14/09/1972 0
5x03The Thunder Makers21/09/1972 0
5x04Yesterday's Ashes28/09/1972 0
5x05A Gift for Jenny05/10/1972 0
5x06Taps, Play It Louder12/10/1972 0
5x07Eyes of the Beholder19/10/1972 0
5x08Good Times Are Just Memories26/10/1972 0
5x09Corbey02/11/1972 0
5x10Can You Hear Me Out There?09/11/1972 0
5x11Another Final Game16/11/1972 0
5x12Crime Club23/11/1972 0
5x13The Twain30/11/1972 0
5x14Belinda -- End of Little Miss Bubble Gum07/12/1972 0
5x15Kristie14/12/1972 0
5x16Sanctuary21/12/1973 0
5x17Run, Lincoln, Run04/01/1973 0
5x18Don't Kill My Child18/01/1973 0
5x19Death in High Places25/01/1973 0
5x20Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death01/02/1973 0
5x21Scion of Death08/02/1973 0
5x22The Night Holds Terror15/02/1973 0
5x23Cry Uncle22/02/1973 0
5x24And Once for My Baby01/03/1973 0

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