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Etats-Unis Une série créée par Jon Glaser
Avec Jon Glaser, Jacob Kogan, Steve Cirbus, Nadia Dajani...

22 min


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After testifying as a witness against a Russian mob family, "Jon" and his family are uprooted and start living undercover through the witness protection program. After existing quietly in an anonymous suburb, "Jon" accepts an offer for the family to participate in a reality show based on their current lives. In order to protect their identities from viewers—which could include the Russian gangsters who want him killed for testifying against them—they wear ski masks and have their voices surgically disguised. As part of the deal, the family is relocated to an upscale loft in New York City, where the series will be filmed. Not only does "Jon" find out that the "sweet" loft was not as advertised, his wife "Susan" promptly concludes that the life of a ski-masked, voice-disguised reality TV star is the wrong environment for her and their teenage son "David." Picked up for a second season by the network, "Jon" has little time to celebrate as the vicious Mirminsky family renews its efforts to destroy him and everything he holds dear.


Toutes les saisons
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01Bar Mitzvah19/02/2009
(11 min)
1x02Good Buds26/02/2009
(11 min)
1x03Rage Cage08/03/2009
(11 min)
1x04The Soother15/03/2009
(11 min)
1x05Member's Only22/03/2009
(11 min)
1x06Sick of It!29/03/2009
(11 min)
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
2x01Decoys22/08/2010 0
2x02Conversions29/08/2010 0
2x03Dog Mayor05/09/2010 0
2x04Mixer12/09/2010 0
2x05Jon He Does It19/09/2010 0
2x06Mole26/09/2010 0
2x07Kim's Krafts30/09/2010 0
2x08'Fidence07/10/2010 0
2x09Tap14/10/2010 0
2x10RV B&B21/10/2010 0
2x11David's Girlfriend28/10/2010 0
2x12Coma04/11/2010 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
3x01Lipples02/02/2012 0
3x02Skins09/02/2012 0
3x03Midnight Munchingtons16/02/2012 0
3x04Camping23/02/2012 0
3x05Warm-Up01/03/2012 0
3x06Sample08/03/2012 0
3x07Friend15/03/2012 0
3x08TB's Mom22/03/2012 0
3x09Jon Done Gone Nuts29/03/2012 0
3x10Delocated Reunion Special05/04/2012 0
3x11The Frrt Identity08/03/2013 0

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