The Flying Nun

1967-1970 Terminée

The Flying Nun

Etats-Unis Une série créée par Max Wylie et Harry Ackerman
Avec Sally Field, Elinor Donahue, Louise Sorel, Herb Edelman...

22 min


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La série raconte la vie d'Elsie Enthrigton, une surfeuse, qui devient nonne. Rebaptisée Sœœur Bertrille, la jeune novice découvre qu'elle a la capacité de voler. Grâce à son faible poids et son chapeau, elle peut s'envoler au moindre coup de vent. (source: serieslive)


Toutes les saisons
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
1x01The Flying Nun (1)07/09/1967 0
1x03The Convert14/09/1967 0
1x04Old Cars for New21/09/1967 0
1x05A Bell for San Tanco28/09/1967 0
1x06The Fatal Hibiscus05/10/1967 0
1x07Flight of a Dodo Bird12/10/1967 0
1x08Polly Wants a Cracked Head19/10/1967 0
1x09Ah Love, Could You and I Conspire26/10/1967 0
1x10Days of Nuns and Roses02/11/1967 0
1x11With Love from Irving09/11/1967 0
1x12It's an Ill Wind16/11/1967 0
1x13A Young Man with a Cornette23/11/1967 0
1x14The Patron of Santa Thomasina30/11/1967 0
1x15If You Want to Fly, Keep Your Cornette Dry07/12/1967 0
1x16The Dig In14/12/1967 0
1x17Wailing in a Winter Wonderland21/12/1967 0
1x18With a Friend Like Him28/12/1967 0
1x19Tonio's Mother04/01/1968 0
1x20A Fish Story11/01/1968 0
1x21The Hot Spell18/01/1968 0
1x22My Sister, the Sister25/01/1968 0
1x23Sister Lucky01/02/1968 0
1x24The Sister and the Old Salt08/02/1968 0
1x25Cyrano de Bertrille22/02/1968 0
1x26Reconversion of Sister Shapiro29/02/1968 0
1x27Where There's a Will14/03/1968 0
1x28The Puce Albert21/03/1968 0
1x29May the Wind Be Always at Your Back28/03/1968 0
1x30Love Me, Love My Dog04/04/1968 0
1x31You Can't Get There from Here11/04/1968 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
2x01Song of Bertrille26/09/1968 0
2x02The Crooked Convent03/10/1968 0
2x03The Rabbi and the Nun10/10/1968 0
2x04The Return of Father Lundigan17/10/1968 0
2x05The Convent is Condemned24/10/1968 0
2x06A Star is Reborn31/10/1968 0
2x07The Organ Transplant07/11/1968 0
2x08Two Bad Eggs14/11/1968 0
2x09All Alone By the Convent Phone21/11/1968 0
2x10It's An Ill Windfall28/11/1968 0
2x11Slightly Hot Parking Meters12/12/1968 0
2x12To Fly or Not to Fly19/12/1968 0
2x13How To Be a Spanish Grandmother26/12/1968 0
2x14The Landlord Cometh02/01/1969 0
2x15Sister Socko in San Tanco16/01/1969 0
2x16Great Casino Robbery (1)30/01/1969 0
2x17Great Casino Robbery (2)06/02/1969 0
2x18The Boyfriend13/02/1969 0
2x19The Kleptomonkeyac20/02/1969 0
2x20The Moo is Blue27/02/1969 0
2x21The Breakaway Monk06/03/1969 0
2x22Happy Birthday, Dear Gaspar13/03/1969 0
2x23Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters20/03/1969 0
2x24The Convent Gets the Business27/03/1969 0
2x25Cousins By the Dozen03/04/1969 0
2x26The Lottery10/04/1969 0
# Titre de l'épisode Diffusion
3x01The Big Game17/09/1969 0
3x02My Sister the Star24/09/1969 0
3x03Speek the Speach, I Pray You01/10/1969 0
3x04The Paolo Story08/10/1969 0
3x05Marcello's Idol15/10/1969 0
3x06Guess Who's Coming To Picket22/10/1969 0
3x07The Not So Great Impostor29/10/1969 0
3x08A Convent Full of Miracles05/11/1969 0
3x09Hector and the Brass Band12/11/1969 0
3x10The New Habit19/11/1969 0
3x11Bertrille and the Silent Flicks26/11/1969 0
3x12A Ticket For Betrille10/12/1969 0
3x13The New Carlos17/12/1969 0
3x14Dear Aggie31/12/1969 0
3x15My Sister, the Doctor07/01/1970 0
3x16Armando and the Pool Table23/01/1970 0
3x17Hello Columbus30/01/1970 0
3x18The Dumbest Kid in School06/02/1970 0
3x19AMan's Best Friend Isn't13/02/1970 0
3x20The Somnaviatrix20/02/1970 0
3x21Papa Carlos27/02/1970 0
3x22The Candid Commercial06/03/1970 0
3x23A Gift for El Charro13/03/1970 0
3x24When Generations Gap20/03/1970 0
3x25Operation Population27/03/1970 0
3x26No Tears For Mrs. Thomas03/04/1970 0

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