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C'est pas que je regarde beaucoup de séries, mais y a quand même 24 heures dans une journée !!

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Le 28 Mai 2016


1x03 Smut 28/05 09:06

Le 27 Mai 2016

Breaking Bad

2x08 Better Call Saul (Appelez donc Saul) 27/05 22:38

Le 27 Mai 2016


1x05 Her Body in My Soul 27/05 12:37

Le 27 Mai 2016

12 Monkeys

2x06 Immortal 27/05 11:55

Le 26 Mai 2016

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service

12x22 Troll (Les Enfants perdus (1re partie)) 26/05 21:22

Le 26 Mai 2016

Wayward Pines

2x01 Enemy Lines 26/05 13:09

Le 26 Mai 2016


4x23 Schism 26/05 12:26

Le 26 Mai 2016


11x23 Alpha and Omega 26/05 11:44

Le 26 Mai 2016

The Wacky World of Tex Avery

1x01 Tex Avery: Rodeo, Rodeo, Where for Art Thou Rodeo?/Pompeii Pete: The Dis-Orderly/Einstone: A Bird in the Brain Is Worth Two in the Bush 26/05 09:39

1x02 Tex Avery: The Not-So-Great Train Robbery/Genghis & Khannie: Humpty Dumpty Had a Great Wall/Freddy the Fly: Marital Blitz 26/05 09:39

1x03 Tex Avery: Cabin Fever/Freddy the Fly: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'/Maurice & Mooch: Breakfast in Bedlam 26/05 09:39

1x04 Tex Avery: Bottleneck Bear/Maurice & Mooch: Sitter Jitters/Freddy the Fly: Flychiatry 26/05 09:39

1x05 Pompeii Pete: Driving Mr. Dan/Genghis & Khannie: Who Kilt the Conqueror?/Einstone: Saur Loser 26/05 09:39

1x06 Tex Avery: Mine, Mine, Mine/Pompeii Pete: Stupe De Jour/Maurice & Mooch: Teacher's Pest 26/05 09:39

1x07 Freddy the Fly: Silence Of The Lames/Genghis & Khannie: Aloha Oy!/Maurice & Mooch: Black and Blue Belt 26/05 09:39

1x08 Power Pooch: Cat Scratch Fervor/Freddy the Fly: Say Goodnight, Freddy/Pompeii Pete: Quiet Please 26/05 09:39

1x09 Freddy the Fly: Tell-Tale Fly/Maurice & Mooch: True or False Alarm/Power Pooch: SSS-PEED 26/05 09:39

1x10 Genghis & Khannie: Greek A-Boo/Pompeii Pete: Toothpaste Pete/Einstone: Cave Improvement 26/05 09:39

1x11 Tex Avery: A Man Called Horsey/Einstone: Neanderthal Mom/Maurice & Mooch: Toy Store Story 26/05 09:39

1x12 Tex Avery: Disasterpiece Theater/Genghis & Khannie: You Take the High Road/Einstone: Caveman and Wife 26/05 09:39

1x13 Genghis & Khannie: What's Yours Is Mayan/Einstone: Wish Upon a Star Traveler/Freddy the Fly: Mile High Fly 26/05 09:39

1x14 Pompeii Pete: Gangster Rip/Genghis & Khannie: Himalaya Down and Die/Einstone: The Ugh-Lympic Games 26/05 09:39

1x15 Einstone: Out of Shape, Out of Mind/Genghis & Khannie: Pain in the Rain Forest/Power Pooch: Bank You Very Much 26/05 09:39

1x16 Tex Avery: Virtual Tex/Maurice & Mooch: Chicken Scouts/Pompeii Pete: Pompeii Away 26/05 09:39

1x17 Tex Avery: Tex-Babies/Pompeii Pete: Gunga Dan/Einstone: Is There A Doctor In The Cave? 26/05 09:39

1x18 Tex Avery: Ever Herd of Cows?/Power Pooch: The Return of Dr. Hydrant/Freddy the Fly: Fortunate Fly 26/05 09:39

1x19 Tex Avery: Not Even a Sporting Chance/Freddy the Fly: Fat Chance/Power Pooch: La Misery 26/05 09:39

1x20 Pompeii Pete: Caddywhack/Power Pooch: Mutts Attacks!/Genghis & Khannie: Dances on Lions 26/05 09:39

1x21 Tex Avery: Wish I Canoe You/Freddy the Fly: Bug To The Future/Maurice & Mooch: Yes, We Have No Electricity 26/05 09:39

1x22 Freddy the Fly: Fly-Incarnation/Power Pooch: Power Puppy/Maurice & Mooch: The One That Didn't Get Away 26/05 09:39

1x23 Tex Avery: Fat and Fatter/Freddy the Fly: Cake Me a Bake/Pompeii Pete: Count Danula 26/05 09:39

1x24 Maurice & Mooch: The Toothless Fairy/Genghis & Khannie: A No-Etiquette Barbarian In King Arthur's Court/Einstone: Look Who's Ughing 26/05 09:39

1x25 Tex Avery: Pony Distress/Freddy the Fly: My Fair Freddy/Pompeii Pete: Re-Pete Customer 26/05 09:39

1x26 Einstone: A-Hunting We Won't Go/Pompeii Pete: Top Gun Shy/Power Pooch: Sidekicked 26/05 09:39

1x27 Freddy the Fly: The President's Fly/Power Pooch: The Long-Awaited Evil Twin Episode!/Genghis & Khannie: Donkey Conqueror 26/05 09:39

1x28 Power Pooch: Wrapped Up in His Work/Einstone: Cyrano De Burg-A-Rock Head/Pompeii Pete: Terminal Veloci-Pete 26/05 09:39

1x29 Tex Avery: Up a Tree Without a Paddle/Pompeii Pete: Mechanically Declined/Power Pooch: Power Pooch No More 26/05 09:39

1x30 Tex Avery: Water You Gonna Do?/Maurice & Mooch: Run for Your Lifeguard!/Power Pooch: A Shoe Thing! 26/05 09:39

1x31 Freddy the Fly: Tallywho?/Maurice & Mooch: The Eggs-stra Terrestrial/Pompeii Pete: Double-O Scussi 26/05 09:39

1x32 Tex Avery: Stagecoach Tex/Freddy the Fly: Bored of the Flies/Maurice & Mooch: Slaphappy Birthday 26/05 09:39

1x33 Tex Avery: To Ape or Not to Ape/Einstone: Tarred and Married/Genghis & Khannie: Peek-A-Boom 26/05 09:39

1x34 Tex Avery: What Big Feet You Have!/Einstone: Peer Pressure/Power Pooch: Doggie Pounded 26/05 09:39

1x35 Pompeii Pete: Just Plane Trouble/Freddy the Fly: Can't Fly Me Love/Power Pooch: P.P. Loves Fifi 26/05 09:39

1x36 Maurice & Mooch: My Dinner With Mooch/Freddy the Fly: Diamonds Are for Heifer/Power Pooch: Squirrel Trouble 26/05 09:39

1x37 Tex Avery: Sagebrush Sindy/Genghis & Khannie: Courting Disaster/Power Pooch: The Postman Always Barks Twice 26/05 09:39

1x38 Tex Avery: Chastity Peak/Maurice & Mooch: Ready, Willing and Cable/Pompeii Pete: Crass Action Hero 26/05 09:39

1x39 Tex Avery: Aw, Mush!/Genghis & Khannie: The Wrath of Khannie/Freddy the Fly: The Midas Touche 26/05 09:39

1x40 Power Pooch: That's Shoe Biz!/Pompeii Pete: Dial M for Moron/Freddy the Fly: I'll Take Manure 26/05 09:39

1x41 Tex Avery: Showdown at the OK Corral/Maurice & Mooch: Carnivores Anonymous/Power Pooch: Presidential Pooch 26/05 09:39

1x42 Einstone: Running of the Bullys/Pompeii Pete: What, Me Hostage?/Maurice & Mooch: Coach Mooch 26/05 09:39

1x43 Maurice & Mooch: Mutiny on the Poultry/Pompeii Pete: The Running Dan/Einstone: Ugh-ementary, My Dear Watson 26/05 09:39

1x44 Don't Shoot, It's a Shoot/Dawn of the Dan/Ever Herd of Cows? 26/05 09:39

1x45 Tex-Files/Income Outcome/Asgard Me Not 26/05 09:39

1x46 Moochini the Magnificent/Pumped Up!/Map-solutely Not 26/05 09:39

1x47 Tex Avery: Tex Meets Execs/Genghis & Khannie: Agent From H.O.R.D.E./Einstone: SSSPEED 26/05 09:39

1x48 Einstone: Gunga Dan/Genghis & Khannie: Atlantis Shrugged/Maurice & Mooch: Mini the Mooch 26/05 09:39

1x49 Driving Mr. Dan/Buzzin' Couzin'/20/20 Houndsight 26/05 09:39

1x50 The Texorcist/The Return of Dr. Hydrant/May the Stressed Man Win 26/05 09:39

1x51 Dan the Man Child/Queen Khannie/Backseat Bedlam 26/05 09:39

1x52 Flea! Run Away!/Family Food/Remember the Rigmarole 26/05 09:39

1x53 Armed Adillo/My Dinner With Mooch/Queasy Cuisine 26/05 09:39

1x54 Tex-tra Credit/Power Puppy/Eski-No-Mo 26/05 09:39

1x55 That's Shoe Biz!/Chicken Fried Cousins/Rich Meets Poe 26/05 09:39

1x56 The Dog Who Would Be King/Butlervania/Gym Dandy 26/05 09:39

1x57 Moby Cow/Dan's Best Friend/Unsurely You Jest 26/05 09:39

1x58 Narrated Tex/Emperor on Holiday/Superchump 26/05 09:39

1x59 Night of the Living Dumb/What Big Feet You Have/The Butlers Did It 26/05 09:39

1x60 Corporate Takeover/Toy Prehistory/Stressed Guest 26/05 09:39

1x61 Sold Out/Dan or Dana/Shoeless 26/05 09:39

1x62 Justice of the Pieces/The Buddy Guard/The Meat Tree 26/05 09:39

1x63 Tex Avery: Tex and Sid's Blooper Spectacular/Maurice & Mooch: Time Flies, Chickens Don't/Pompeii Pete: Men in Lavender 26/05 09:39

1x64 The Original Origin Story/Harrier Pigeon/Bat-Dan 26/05 09:39

1x65 Yearnin for a Learnin/The Stepford Chickens/French Twist 26/05 09:39

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