Neill Fearnley

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

Acteur | Films

Film Rôle Moy. Importance
2005 Les amoureux de Noël (TV) (Christmas in Boston (TV)) Sullivan
Moyenne de tous ses films13.7


Réalisation de séries

21 Jump Street

2x10 How Much is That Body in the Window?22/11/1987
2x13 A Big Disease with a Little Name07/02/1988
2x15 I'm OK- You Need Work21/02/1988
3x03 The Currency We Trade In20/11/1988

The Adventures of the Black Stallion (L'Étalon noir)

1x03 First Among Equals22/09/1990
1x05 Stowaway27/10/1990

The Outer Limits (1995) (Au-delà du réel : l'aventure continue)

1x22 The Voice of Reason20/08/1995
2x13 From Within28/04/1996
3x01 Bits of Love19/01/1997
4x11 The Vaccine03/04/1998
4x14 To Tell The Truth24/04/1998
4x21 Promised Land21/08/1998
5x01 Dead Air22/01/1999
5x03 Small Friends05/02/1999
6x05 Breaking Point18/02/2000


4x08 Reluctant Heroes13/11/1995

Poltergeist: The Legacy (Poltergeist, les aventuriers du surnaturel)

1x08 Ghost in the Road31/05/1996

F/X: The Series (FX, Effets Spéciaux)

2x13 Reaper16/02/1998
2x16 Chiller11/05/1998


1x03 Conundrum19/06/2001
1x06 Legion10/07/2001
1x08 Periculum24/07/2001
2x04 Consectatio24/06/2002
2x05 Static01/07/2002


1x05 To Sail Beyond the Stars29/03/2002
1x13 Mother of Invention24/05/2002
1x14 Tripwire31/05/2002

Stargate Atlantis

2x12 Epiphany13/01/2006

Flash Gordon (2007)

1x04 Assassin07/09/2007