Don McGill

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Etats-Unis Nationalité américaine

Légende : Non vu Vu Wishé

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Série Chaine Statut
2003 NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales) CBS toujours en cours

Scénariste de séries


7x07 Ambush06/11/2001
7x12 Capital Crime08/01/2002
7x15 Head to Toe05/02/2002
7x18 Hero Worship12/03/2002
7x20 Port Chicago09/04/2002
8x05 In Thin Air22/10/2002
8x08 Ready or Not12/11/2002
8x19 Second Acts01/04/2003
8x20 Ice Queen (1)22/04/2003
8x21 Meltdown (2)29/04/2003
9x18 What If ...12/03/2004
10x02 Corporate Raiders01/10/2004
10x09 The Man on the Bridge10/12/2004
10x14 Fit for Duty11/02/2005
10x17 JAG: San Diego11/03/2005
10x21 Dream Team22/04/2005

NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales)

1x01 Yankee White23/09/2003
1x02 Hung Out to Dry30/09/2003
1x10 Left for Dead06/01/2004


2x06 Soft Target04/11/2005
2x13 Double Down13/01/2006
2x19 Dark Matter07/04/2006
3x03 Provenance06/10/2006
3x11 Killer Chat15/12/2006
3x20 Burn Rate06/04/2007
4x04 Thirteen19/10/2007
4x15 End Game25/04/2008
5x05 Scan Man31/10/2008
5x06 Magic Show07/11/2008
5x12 Jacked16/01/2009
5x20 The Fifth Man24/04/2009
6x03 7 Men Out09/10/2009
6x09 Con Job20/11/2009

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Les Experts)

11x07 Bump and Grind04/11/2010
11x21 Cello and Goodbye05/05/2011
12x11 Ms. Willows Regrets18/01/2012
12x12 Willows in the Wind25/01/2012
12x22 Homecoming09/05/2012
13x01 Karma to Burn26/09/2012
13x22 Skin in the Game15/05/2013
14x01 The Devil and D.B. Russell25/09/2013
15x01 The CSI Effect28/09/2014